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Darci Lang

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Darci Lang is an inspiring motivational speaker who specializes in assisting organizations by creating a new philosophy within the workforce – Focus on the 90% – affecting change, solutions, innovation, and leadership. She challenges participants to look in the mirror and reflect on the positives in life: what we have, what we can change, and how our focus affects those around us, at work and in our personal lives.

Born and raised in the Prairies, Darci’s down-to-earth, humorous, narrative style connects her to people from all walks and all stages of life. By the time she was 24 years old, she was an entrepreneur, owning a tuxedo rental store, a bridal show and, as she transformed into a motivational speaker, the demand for her philosophy – Focus on the 90% – increased. This focus shaped her life, from humble beginnings in her dad’s Volkswagen garage, waiting on tables and working retail; then taking a company from bankruptcy to an award-winning business! She has faced challenges, but always “thinks outside the box”. Today, Darci has been speaking for 23 years and everything she shares in her presentations, she has lived.

At the age of 47, Darci is a professional speaker, a best-selling author, a blogger, a wife and a mom to two teenage children. She walks the fine line of balancing home, family and work.

Using her magnifying glass, she sees a way to Focus on the 90%s in her world, and she can inspire anyone to do the same. Adopting her positive attitude can change lives! She has won the Saskatchewan Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Achieving Business Excellence Award, been a finalist in the Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and nine other nationally recognized business excellence awards.

She truly is someone who “Walks the Talk”.


Volya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

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Volya, meaning ‘freedom’ encompasses the unified spirit of the over 30 ensemble members. With many of Volya’s original members having studied in Ukraine, a desire existed to develop a similar academic style of dance within Canada. A strict adherence to technical training and professionalism is a philosophical belief still maintained today under the Artistic Direction of Zhenia Bahri, a former professional dancer and director from Ukraine. Zhenia has been the Artistic Director since 2000 and has brought unsurpassed passion, knowledge, and expertise to the Ensemble in his lifelong dedication to the art of Ukrainian dance.

Since its’ inception in 1989, Volya has flourished into a vibrant ensemble consisting of dedicated members who have captivated and delighted audiences with their dynamic performances around the world. Volya has entertained audiences at festivals in Germany, Holland, Brazil, Italy, California, Portugal, New York, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, France, England, the Azores Islands, and Greece. Volya celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2014 with a series of shows across western Canada that culminated in a packed show at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton of October 2014. In fall of 2015 Volya headlined the Bloor West Village Toronto Ukrainian Festival, delighting thousands of spectators, and this past summer Volya attended a beautiful South American tour along the coast of Colombia!

Over the years many dancers have entered Volya’s studios with the same goal in mind, to dance for the love of dance and to establish an identity for the ensemble that is uniquely Volya!